Meet Hamza Siyam

Software Developer

Blending robust cybersecurity with ingenious software, making your software not just smart but also secure.

Proven Expertise and Dynamism

Proven Expertise

 From Hudson County Community College to Jersey City Free Public Library, I’ve engineered solutions across a plethora of platforms, bringing a trove of experience to your project’s development.

Rooted in Rigorous Education

Academic Excellence

My journey, from earning a BA in Computer Science with a perfect GPA at Thomas Edison State University to currently exploring the depths of cybersecurity at NYU, is a cornerstone ensuring your projects are not just developed but exceptionally so.

Finding the Perfect Business Name

Domain Name Consulting

Think of a domain name as your brand’s home address on the internet. My expertise lies in finding the right, catchy, and easy-to-recall addresses that make it simple for customers to find your brand amidst the vast online landscape.

Connect with me and let’s bring your ideas to life. Get in touch for collaboration opportunities and more!


472 Jersey Ave, Jersey City, NJ

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